Written by:Driper
Saturday, January 10, 2009 

Freda and I have decided to travel and we are hopeful of both getting jobs and traveling a little.

Freda and I have decided to travel and in our normal approach to things we don't plan to do it by halves. The plan is not fixed by any means but in short we plan to travel to Ireland and the UK, do some work and some traveling whilst hopefully saving a little money along the way.


The general idea is to leave early February 2009 for Ireland, spend a few weeks (or months) there and move on to the UK. Freda will need to be in the UK by April in order to apply for jobs before the beginning of the school term. Hopefully at this same time I will manage to obtain a job in IT.


This blog will cover our (myself and Freda) trip to London and I plan to include general happenings for friends and family as well as pictures, what to do, what not to do and hopefully shine a light on some of the things we have been pondering for some time prior to making the move to Europe. One thing I can tell you now is listen to everyone but don't take advice from one person. Moving to Europe at this time (doom and gloom, world recession and all that) left me with the feeling that we should but if off till next year at least. Having discussed it with my father who gave me some good advice (and knowing that changing Freda's mind would be like parting the red sea) I decided to go anyway and have a holiday at a minimum. What I found interesting was the different response I got from people I told about what we were doing. I would say that the split is 50/50 between people who said we were crazy and I would never get a job (Freda being a teacher won't have any issue) and others who said I would be fine, 'no bother' (said with Irish tone).