Written by:Driper
Thursday, November 27, 2008 

The myth goes that you can enter a code into your mobile phone and this turn the phone into a Radar Detector in order to allow you to detect a police radar. This is simply not true on a number of levels.


Firstly a mobile phone has no method of receiving the signals that modern Radar Detectors use (Infra-Red Laser). Secondly your phone will no doubt be in your bag or a holder not able to see the Radar gun the police are using. The frequencies and even technology methods in use are different. e.g. Radar used in NSW is light based (Infra-Red Laser) and mobile phones don't have a device to receive these. Some mobile phones do actually have little ports for communicating with a computer via Infra-Red, it does however operate on a different wavelength.

Leaving all this aside the police do have and use Radar Detector Detectors. Radar Detectors that can hide from these exceed $400 and are generally more like $900. You don't really believe that you can turn you $300 Nokia into a device capable of detecting radar as well do you?

If you not satisfied with a simple 'it can't be done' then I'd be happy to explain it in more detail to anyone.