Written by:Driper
Tuesday, January 13, 2009 

Freda has resigned and I resigned today, we are now committed without the option to back out.

Unfortunately our company printer (pile of S!#@, NEVER buy HP multifunction printers!) screwed up and my letter of resignation came out about 30 minutes after I sent it to the printer. Someone (I wont mention names here on that one) spotted the 'layout' and she knew I had a resignation letter in my hand, oh well.


Then there was a resigning itself to do. How very, very empowering. It was fantastic, resigning to go to Ireland and London, not to go to another job, I had the biggest smile on my face. It was so obvious that one staff member (not the one who saw the letter) knew I had resigned simply from the three hours I spent in the General Managers office and the ear to ear smile I had most of the day. Leaving my job wasn't really difficult probably because it had been building for so long although I had enjoyed my time in the last 6 months or so.


As you would expect I have been tasked with cleaning up the documentation. Sure why not. It's funny how that always becomes important just as you leave and you always tell yourself at your next role you will do it as you go. Although I plan and document a great deal more than most techs I know (you know who you are) I tend to do it at planning and at completion without much in the middle. Sort  of an issue when your projects are not complete and you resign.


I got my Lenovo S10 credit today. Originally they told me to price match something on the web they had to add delivery, then match. Officeworks eventually agreed to match the price as they were meant to (against http://www.orangeit.com.au/, thanks Troy) and now I have only paid $610 instead of $700 for the netbook (small notebook) most suitable for overseas travel.