Written by:Driper
Thursday, January 22, 2009 

 The excitement is building as it's nearly time to leave

Have been running round like a crazy man for the last few weeks. The real estate has an open house this Saturday (had one last Saturday too). They now want $410 P.W. for our place (we pay $350), they hadn't even seen the place before they put the rate up. We have been here 5 years, how do they remember what it is, pft, not my problem.


Still can't sell the cars, the girl is getting a little worried and I am not a lot different. Don't want to loose much on the car given I have only had it for 18 months.


All of the computer parts I had sitting around are on ebay and some other misc garbage. It's amazing what people will buy. One mans junk is another mans treasure as they say...


Nerves' are starting to become more apparent, who does a trip to London at this time, no jobs (they say) and cold as ice. Still planning holidays already makes it easier to accept (like a trip to the Greek islands in July / August).


So much to do in two weeks, pack, move everything, ship off sold ebay parts and party / visit everyone before leaving. Well as you have noticed most of the preparation and blog to date is planning and boring, next one wont happen till we arrive in Ireland and there I hope to have something fun or exciting to tell you.