Written by:Driper
Thursday, February 05, 2009 

 Finally it's here, our last day in Sydney and the beginning of our journey.

Well the big day finally arrives. Still got a little to do before we leave, nothing important but nonetheless things to do. I manage to do those mostly and we then get back to mum and dad’s house so that we can be taken to the airport. Unfortunately I still have a car (not sold, listed on www.carsales.com.au if you are interested). Freda's car is gone and sold for a reasonable price. We go to the airport and a few people come to see us off (which was wonderful so thank you to those of you who came). Leaving was rather difficult, for the first time I understood how difficult it was for Freda to leave her family for a year at a time when leaving Melbourne time and time again to come back to Sydney. We get on the plane and are happy to find we have our own personal entertainment system at each seat which has access to TV shows, video, music and even games.


We stop for our stopover in Abu Dhabi which is not a nice place (well not the airport anyway). Stopped there for three hours which only gives you about 1 hour of free time given what you have to do (customs etc). Freda uses that one hour to Facebook and check e-mail (hmm, its a woman thing to have a crux like that isn't it?).