Written by:Driper
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 

While we have temperatures of single digits we worry about Melbourne with 47 degrees and fire bugs which threaten among others the Byrne family home in Taralgon (Freda's Melbourne family home for anyone who didn't know).

Over the last few days...


Still no global roaming on the phone. Wanted to get a wireless Internet plan for the UK and Ireland and prefer to get it now seeing there is no wireless around Val's house. Need to use Facebook and e-mail people (maybe send a CV) somehow. As I expected if I buy the wireless in Ireland then home is considered to be Ireland and therefore when we go to the UK it will cost a fortune in excess charges because I am roaming. That means I have to wait until we get to the UK before getting wireless, oh well.


Went to visit some family and borrow their wireless. Seems to work. Grab a little tool of the web to help me search for wireless at Val's place. Found one, yay!!! Internet access.


Had a great time over the past few days playing in the snow. On the first two days it had already fallen and all reports were that it wouldn't snow again. A little disappointing for Freda and I as we haven't seen it fall (that we recall) in our life. Well it snowed. I awoke to Freda screaming "it's snowing, it's snowing". We decided to really play in the snow and had a ball (pardon the pun). Anyone who is observant may notice the bags on my feet. Sneakers are not exactly warm or water tight.


 Freda running like a baby from my snowball. Ahahahaha. Click for larger image.



Yesterday whilst we are enjoying the snow we have more news of rather bad bush fires in Victoria. This is of concern to us all because Sinead (Freda's sister) is in Taralgon. We will keep in touch with her daily to make sure she is ok. Sinead sent us some photos of the local area from the house, not good as you can see. 47 odd degrees and people light fires, idiots.


 Click for a larger image.Click for larger image.