Written by:Driper
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 

Well it is now only a week before we go to Greece and I thought I should update on a few things before we go. I have just managed to clear most of a cold/flu out of my system in time for out trip which I am very happy about. We are both ecstatic about going away again. I have been brushing up on my Greek thanks to some audio CD's (Rapid Greek by Earworms) which I would recommend to anyone who needs a quick few sentences for a holiday. Freda as usual is packed several days before we are scheduled to leave and I will as normal leave packing until the day we leave. It was a little odd how one review of the hotel indicated he didn't want to take a photo for fear of upsetting the naked people on the beach. It made sense when I found a website listing the beach as a nudie beach. More specifically clothes are optional. Whilst doing all the preparation for our journey and I found that turning on global roaming for Freda's phone required a 250 pound deposit to make sure that we don't skip the country. A bit harsh really, that is roughly 500 Australian dollars which we don't get back for three months.

My phone should arrive in time to leave so I have working GPS (and phone for that matter) so we can navigate ourselves around the world if we get lost on the islands which is highly likley.

We went to see Paul Aiden www.paulaiden.com (Saskia's boyfriend) live again this week. Was a good night, Paul did a brilliant job, best performer on the night again. This pub was slightly smaller but that meant the place was packed which made for a great atmosphere.


Paul playing live

After 5 months or so being in the unit it appears the second lock on the front door has become operational. When we moved in the agent told me the lock was never used and hence I didn't need a key. We share the front door with the estate agent and it has never been locked before. Freda left earlier that day for her flight to Dublin (to see Take That in concert). I went to go and get some take away for dinner and discovered the offending lock. After deciding picking it was outside of my abilities as a crook and that getting dinner really didn't constitute a good reason for breaking the lock and/or door I settled for writing an e-mail and leaving a voice mail to show my dissatisfaction with being locked in my own house.
I did of course meet my neighbour for the first time during the lock-in as the stairwell wall joins ours. She didn't have a mobile number for the agent (but she and her friend did find my predicament funny). I settled for pizza from the freezer for dinner, oh well.

Not long after the door lock started being used the roof started to leak. Its turned into a bit of a saga now, the roof for our place leaks in a number of different places. The first one is our rather large skylight. It is over the stairs and has leaked for about a month now. The landlord thinks it is condensation but when cups of water are collected I have my doubts. The worst however is the one over the bed. Whilst in the UK heatwave (I will get to that) we had one very impressive storm. When I got home to find water was dripping from our down light onto the bed. Not the nicest thing to come home to. Its all down to the bad design, our roof is actually part of the neighbours balcony and someone put about 900kg of sharp stones on the shingle roof. Not the smartest builders in the world.

My birthday has been and gone and whilst the celebration for my birthday itself was a subdued event with Saskia, Paul, Freda and I out for dinner and a few drinks the night before was another matter. Ryan and I went out for a few that turned into a few too many (well for me anyway). Going out on Thursday night and getting 4 hours sleep then going to work having drunk way to much really is getting harder (must be getting older).

For my birthday I got a great new heart rate monitor (Suunto T4C)  with GPS and footpod accessories so that I can monitor my heart rate, distance, speed and all sorts. Great gear. It is all very intelligent and can even tell you how and when to exercise given you desired workout level. Would be better if I hadn't just injured my foot (plantar fasciitis) again. I have only been able to use some of its features for the moment. Oh well. Probably the most annoying feature is the one the tells you when you should be training. I got myself a bit of a birthday present too. A shiny new Nokia N97. Would be great if it worked, third one is on its way to me now. Dont buy one, I beg of you.

The UK has had a bit of a heatwave, well, that's what they are calling it. Personally its just summer. 33 degrees isn't a heatwave. Granted its a but much in a suit and tie without air-conditioning. Was awesome to get some sun, even if I was working most of the days with sun. Sun out all the time, pubs full, people all very happy to be out and about.  Hoping to have similar sun levels when we get to Greece. Although our trip to Greece hasn't even happened yet we are in the midst of planning some other trips like our Croatia sailing adventure for summer next year, short trip to Paris (to see Rhiannon) when Jenni and Ryan (friends from Australia) come to visit us in October and lastly during Freda's next holiday we will prossibly go to Spain.

We have been to see a few shows which has been good fun. We went and saw TomTom Crew (http://www.tomtomcrew.com/) and Beardyman (http://www.beardyman.co.uk/) which were both very impressive.