Freda and I have decided to travel and in our normal aproach to things we don't plan to do it by halves. The plan is not fixed by any means but in short we plan to travel to Ireland and the UK, do some work and some traveling whilst hopefully saving a little money along the way.

The general idea is to leave early Febuary 2009 for Ireland, spend a few weeks (or months) there and move on to the UK. Freda will need to be in the UK by April in order to apply for jobs before the begining of the school term. Hopefully at this same time I will manage to obtain a job in IT. On the site you will find all the information and details that I found useful, missed or wasn't told for my trip to the UK. It may also be useful to people travelling in general in the future to plan theirs.

If you want to have a read of my blog on London so far (started trip 5/2/2009) you will need to be signed in and registered. Once you have done that it can be seen at Driper's London Blog or Driper's London Blog (via RSS).